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Our Staff

Denise Tilley

Head Trainer and Owner

The first love Denise Tilley ever had was the horse.  For as long as she can remember she was fascinated by the animal and committed right away to getting to know everything about the horse, including but certainly not limited to riding them.  


Denise’s parents were not horse people, but after years of being nagged for riding lessons her mother signed her up for formal hunter/jumper lessons at a local riding school.  It was apparent from the start that there was a natural ability for Denise to guide and get a long with a horse on it’s back and on the ground.  From there she continued to spend every waking moment devoting her life to perfecting the art of English riding with an emphasis in Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and Equitation.  Denise is a firm believer in form equaling function.  Along the way Denise had the opportunity to work with amazing riders and trainers all over the world.  She has seized the opportunity to learn from everyone that she could.  


Today Denise runs a show barn that competes at A rated competitions and clinics all over the west coast.  Recently she has been developing relationships overseas and importing European Sport Horses specifically bred for Jumping and Dressage.  She and her riders receive Championships at  A rated competitions in various levels of Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation classes.  Recently her rider, Elise Vandamme, won both the team and individual Child/Adult Zone Championships in Colorado.  She was the only horse and rider combo to go clear in all rounds.  


Denise wants to help people achieve their individual goals whether it is to communicate with  and pleasure ride your horse or to compete at the top level of competition with your equine partner.

Christine Jansen Appelkvist

Stable Manager 

Christine comes to us all the way from Oslo, Norway.  Working with horses full time has been a life long dream of hers that became possible in 2018 when she moved to Salt Lake City. Christine found our Farm on Google while she was still in Norway.  Only two days after she arrived in Salt Lake City, she showed up at the Farm. She and Denise instantly shared a connection and Christine began taking lessons and spending all her time at the Farm. When an opening came up for a new Barn Manager, Christine was the obvious choice.  Not only is she wonderful with the care of the horses and the care of Denise, but she brings a positive attitude and a wonderful sense of humor that brings everyone together.  Everyone loves Christine.  Her smile and her presence will light up a room.  The horses trust her and love her energy too.  While Christine makes sure that everything runs smoothly on a day to day basis, she is also working on her own riding career.  She came to us with a background in dressage and show jumping.  She currently rides our lovely sales horse, Levant.  

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