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Meet our newest member Edolien!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of Edolien. She is our latest KWPN Dutch Warmblood to be imported from The Netherlands. This lovely lady is 8 years old and belongs to Stacey Guerra.

Denise was able to go spend a few days in The Netherlands with Edolien and then fly home as Edolien's groom. It was a wonderful experience for Denise and gave her an excellent opportunity to bond with Edolien on the long flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles. She became Edolien's apple lady for about seventeen hours, from the time they loaded the horses on to their crates, to the time they landed at LAX.

Edolien, being a mare, had to spend about eighteen days in quarantine until Denise would see her again. The exciting part was that Stacey had never seen the horse in person yet. So after a total of six weeks from purchase to getting to West Bountiful, Stacey finally got to meet her partner in crime. It was love at first sight. So fun to watch Stacey's face when she met her coming off the trailer. The smile is still there and gets larger with each day they spend together.

After just a few days of settling in, Denise and Stacey started riding Edolien. Stacey and her new mare clicked immediately. We are happy to report that Edolien has settled right in to her new home and is already enjoying her new people and program.

Welcome to Team Tilley Edolien. And congratulations Stacey Guerra!

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