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The Year is Flying By!

Time flies when you are having fun right? It is already November and the Season is winding down once again. The summer has been filled with shows, horse shopping and new faces in the barn. Now we can let the horses relax for The Holidays and get ready for 2019. Here are a few things that have been happening over the last few months.

Baby Leap is officially registered with Westfalen NA as Cornet Leap. Two Officials from the Association came out in September for her inspection and she was even branded. She also wore a saddle and bride for the first time this Summer and handled it like a Champ! We are so excited to break her under saddle Spring 2019 her 3 year old year.

In July/August Elise and I attended the EAP Regional Training Session with Julie Winkel and Nancy Snyder at The Colorado Horse Park. Elise was one of 16 selected out of over 250 people to attend the National Training Session in Findlay, Ohio with Joe Fargis and Anne Thornbury. We are so excited for this accomplishment and wish Elise the best of luck!

Our local Circuit came to a close last month in Utah. We had a fun few weeks in October with the gang attending Wasatch Horse Shows and the UHJA Medal Finals. My favorite part about it is watching our Team come out to cheer and support each other. We have such a wonderful barn Family!

Shelby Savage and I took not one, but two trips to Europe in search of a young mount for Shelby to develop. We saw about 30 horses in two countries and it was Cabaljuto that stood out above the crowd. He is known around the barn as Cabo and he is a 6 year old Bavarian Gelding. We just returned from The Sunshine Series in Coachella where Cabo and Shelby debuted. We couldn't be happier with their performance and are so excited to see what the future holds for this pair.

Madison Hughston and Christine Appelkvist joined us for The Sunshine Series with their mounts as well. And Chick's Emerald came along to keep up with her winning ways. The weather was beautiful and the jumper rings were filled with new footing. The setting was perfect and our horses and riders set and accomplished their goals.

Now it's time to hunker down for the winter and let the horses do some rest and training to get ready for the 2019 Season. Stay tuned to find out how Elise Vandamme does at the EAP National Training Session and to find out what else is happening at Tilley Show Stables.

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